Vocal Coaching For Confident Speaking

These days, we all need to be able to speak with confidence whether it be for a business meeting or presentation or for something more formal such as a wedding speech.

Work with a professional Vocal Coach will enable you to better understand the message you are conveying and how that will be received by your audience.  By using certain inflections and vocal skills, the power of your presentation can be improved enormously.

Presentation Technique

Learn how to present with power, passion and professionalism in this collection of 3 x 1-hour Sessions with Roz.  

Lean how to promote yourself, your business or idea to the best of your ability.

Work on your speed of delivery, tone, diction and impact.

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Interview Technique

Learn how to make a positive impact from the start.

Learn how to conduct yourself professionally, and hit the right tone during inteview.

Top tips on how to  GET TO YES!

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Make a Speech

Plan, prepare and deliver your wedding or special event speech with humour, love and excellent timing.

Learn how to speak to groups large and small.

Understand the importance of knowing your venue.

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